Defined by luxurious silk fabric and detailed intricate designs that are handwoven by skilled artisans, the Kinkhaab sarees come from the culturally vibrant city of Banaras, also known as Varanasi. As a staple that is known for the lustre of raw silk and intricate motifs and designs, the Kinkhaab saree stands for grace and elegance, and steps to the forefront of women’s closets across generations. Another factor that sets it apart is the fact that the skilled artisans who hand weave the sarees come from a family of skilled craftsmen, who have been rendering these masterpieces for centuries now. This tradition of generational technique and the art of weaving is a part of Banaras’s culture and also the Kinkhaab saree. 

The Unique Kinkhaab Difference

Over the last few years, with the revival of the Indian handloom industry, Banaras’s staple, Kinkhaab Banarasi sarees have led this movement with grace too. One of the unique elements that make these sarees so beautiful to wear and carry on for generations is the diversity in their styles. Each saree comes adorned with a distinct design. While some feature classic floral motifs, others feature statement geometric designs. This is also what makes it a top choice for all kinds of occasions and styles. Whether it is for a wedding, a festival, or a celebration, the Kinkhaab Banarasi silk saree fits every mood, occasion, place, and preference, from traditional to contemporary. 

Buy Banarasi Kinkhaab Saree Online

Today, with the convenience that online shopping brings, it is fairly easy to buy Banarasi Kinkhaab saree online with no loopholes. Whether you’re looking for a classic traditional style or a contemporary one, you can easily buy Kinkhaab saree online at best price from reputable and trustworthy platforms like ours. Not only a legacy business, we are also known for the premium quality and authenticity that we offer in our range. Known for their traditionalism, versatility, grace, and beauty, these sarees carry their age-old magic even today, this is what makes them a perfect fit for everyone today, no matter the occasion, age, style, or preference. 


What is a Kinkhaab Saree?

The Kinkhaab handloom sarees originate from the city of Banaras and are defined by luxurious silk fabric and detailed intricate designs that are handwoven by skilled artisans. It not only features intricate motifs and designs but also stands for grace and elegance, and steps to the forefront of women’s closets across generations. 

What Makes Banarasi Kinkhaab Sarees Unique?

Here is what makes Kinkhaab sarees unique:

  1. Handcrafted artistry by skilled artisans.
  2. Luxurious silk that exudes luxury and softness.
  3. Intricate zari work that infuses opulence into the saree.
  4. Versatility with the diversity in its woven motifs and patterns.

How Are Kinkhaab Sarees Different from Other Types of Sarees?

Here is what makes Kinkhaab handloom sarees so different:

  • The graceful blend of contemporary flair and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Premium quality of silk and intricate zari work that exudes grandeur.
  • The heritage touch of Varanasi that also reflects its culture and legacy.

How Do I Care for My Kinkhaab Saree to Maintain Its Quality?

Here are some instructions to make sure you uphold the quality of your saree by taking care of it well: 

  1. Dry cleaning to retain the vibrancy and quality of the saree without hampering the delicate nature of the weave.
  2. Keep your Kinkhaab saree away from the sunlight in a dry and clean place to retain its colour and quality. 
  3. Be gentle while wearing it to prevent stretching and pulling as it can weaken the silk fibres with time. 
  4. Avoid using perfumes and cosmetics on the saree to prevent damage and fade colour.

Where Can I Buy Kinkhaab Saree Online?

When shopping for pure Kinkhaab sarees online, the first thing to do is choose reputable sellers who are known to sell pure handwoven sarees. Here at Ratanshi Kheraj, we not only come with a promise of authenticity but also of high quality and the luxury of a legacy product and brand.