Keeping the Banarasi Art Alive

Handwoven Banarasi sarees have always carried the essence of luxury by virtue of the meticulous craft that goes behind it. What lends this traditional art its timeless charm is our team of artisans—each kaarigar armed with the core skills, profound know-how and precision.

Weaving Luxury in the Spiritual Capital of India - Varanasi

Home to the Ganges, the city of Varanasi is not only a spiritual hotbed but also a confluence of ancient folk art & craft, distinctive culture and traditional craftsmanship. We’ve honoured that heritage in our weaves and designs, each crafted by Banaras’s very own artisans.

Over 300 Skilled Artisans Behind the Legacy Weaves

Our repertoire of handwoven ensembles is the sublime result of the dedication, quality of labour, and time of these craftsmen who have been part of our ateliers for generations. What sets them apart is these skills have been borrowed from Varanasi’s deep-rooted culture.