Hand-Loomed Legacy Since Over 100 Years



Keeping the art of Banarasi weaves alive.


Following the footprints of a generational business.


Sustaining the legacy of handloom sarees.

From Silk Yarn to Sarees—Where It All Began

Over 100 years ago, the Late Mr Ratanshi, laid the foundation of what the brand is today, in the city of Mumbai. It began with a silk yarn business, which soon transitioned into a banarasi saree store in Nakhuda Mohalla and after partition, in Masjid Bandar. Today, with three stores across the city, we continue to empower our artisans and promote the authenticity of handloom banarasi weave to our global customers.

Timeless, Versatile, and Generational

In a world where trends succeed traditionalism, our timeless sarees step to the forefront with the centuries-old art of Banarasi weaves. By carrying that untouched Indian sartorial essence forward, we at Ratanshi Kheraj Sarees Pvt. Ltd. fill that gap in the luxury segment that yearns for heritage craft, authenticity, and an heirloom appeal.